Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss teases son about rehab on Twitter

Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss teased his son on Twitter about college and rehab.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss didn't hold back on Twitter when talking with his son. Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The 69-year-old, best known for starring in Jaws, Stand by Me and The Goodbye Girl, had a very public discussion with his son on the social media website.

Dreyfuss’ son Ben replied to a tweet which asked people to name their favourite Steve Speilberg movie and why. Journalist and actor Ben opted for Jaws because “I didn’t get a scholarship to college and my dad had to pay for it”.

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However, his father replied saying he used the Poseidon money for his college.

Yet, the discussion took a turn when Ben corrected his father, noting that the Poseidon money was used for his rehab rather than college.

Dreyfuss senior would have the last word, however, when he teased his son with the tweet which read: “I get them confused because neither took”.