Hollywood great Donald Sutherland enjoys toastie in Aberdeen takeaway

Employees of an Aberdeen sandwich shop were surprised when a Hollywood great dropped.

Donald Sutherland with Melt employees in Aberdeen. Picture: Melt Facebook

Donald Sutherland popped into Melt on the city’s Holburn Street to grab a toastie before settling down on a bench outside to tuck in.

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A post on the company’s Facebook page read: “Today, while I was slaving away in the heat at Stonehaven harbour festival, one of my idols, DONALD (don’t look now) SUTHERLAND, came to the store, ate a toastie, posed for photos and said he loved it. I’m done!”

The 82-year-old has an extensive catalogue of films and television series, starring in The Dirty Dozen, M*A*S*H, as well as The Hunger Games franchise.