Barack Obama tries Irn-Bru while playing golf in St Andrews

Former US president Barack Obama enjoyed some of Scotland's famous Irn-Bru while playing golf in St Andrews.

Sir Tom Hunter shows a bottle of Irn-Bru to Barack Obama as they stop at a snack bar at the Old Course in St Andrews. Picture: PA


Former US President Barack Obama was enjoying a round of golf before giving a major address at a charity dinner on Friday when he tried the drink.

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His private jet touched down at Edinburgh Airport on Friday morning, with a full motorcade leaving shortly afterwards.

He then made his way to the Old Course in St Andrews, Fife.

Some locals were lucky enough to meet the former White House resident.

One such person was Danielle Clark Bryan, 26, who is a student at University of St Andrews.

She said: “I was the first person to shake his hand, he came over and said: ‘how’s everyone, let’s shake some hands’.

“I happened to be in his eye line and I asked how he was but he didn’t respond.

“You can hear him joking with his friends, it sounds like he’s having a really good time.”

Obama also spoke with 11-year-old Joseph Lynch.

Joseph said: “It was brilliant. He asked what was my name, how old I was and told me that I was a good looking guy.

“Apart from missing a shot a couple of minutes ago, he seems quite good at golf.”

Marcus Tannerbaurer, 26, also a St Andrews student, was impressed with his golfing skills.

He said: “We shook his hand he seemed really nice. I’m not one to judge anyway because I’m not very good but he seems pretty good.”