Your reviews: PJ Harvey and John Parish, Queen's Hall

John Harwell, 17, Morningside, student: "I'm a massive fan of PJ Harvey and I love all the stuff she has done with John Parish. I especially like their latest album but I don't think I really 'got' it until seeing it live tonight. PJ puts so much into her performance that you can't help but be caught up by it."

Colin Asquith, 32, Zanzibar, software developer: "I was really impressed by the range of musical styles and the eclectic mix of instruments the band used but PJ Harvey herself was most impressive. She was like the wailing siren on the cliff, utterly captivating. Seeing the show tonight has made me really want to sit down and listen to all her albums again."

Marianne McNally, 23, Abbeyhill, musician: "PJ Harvey is an absolute star but I'd be keen to hear the band play on their own too. I'll definitely go out and buy the album because one listen isn't enough. It was also great to see the ukulele being put to good use because it's an instrument that I like to use in my own performance. The Queen's Hall made a great venue too, absolutely perfect."