Video: Kempner's impressions capture essence of the famous

Luke Kempner's mesmerising impersonations instantly capture the resoluteness of Andy Murray, the dramatic flair of Christopher Biggins and the flamboyance of Alan Carr.

Luke Kempner. Picture: Steve Ullathorne
Luke Kempner. Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Uncanny phrases from likes of Frankie Boyle, Michael McIntyre, Boris Johnson, and more, Luke Kempner’s list keeps on going in his show named ‘Take a Long Hard Luke at Yourself.’

The young comic has an impressive background as a singer, actor and is a regular face on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side’ - but he also has a soft spot for the charming Scottish capital.

One of Kempner’s best routines is the typical ‘Edinburgh Mum’ which, he claims, is inspired by his mother-in-law.

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    Luke Kempner. Picture: Steve Ullathorne

    Luke’s 2017 Fringe show is bubbling over with political gags, spearheaded by a disturbingly wonderful Donald Trump impression.

    “It’s a show that’s got 35 different impressions, and it’s also got a personal story as well, about how, in a way, we’re all impressionists, and how we’re all playing different versions of ourselves all the time,” says an upbeat Luke.

    He says: “I talk about my relationship with impressions, and how I first started doing impressions.

    “When I was a kid, my dad used to shout at me, and I just used to do impressions of Kermit The Frog because you can’t stay mad at Kermit.”

    Luke Kempner. Picture: Steve Ullathorne

    Luke has hit the Fringe several times before, and is splitting his time between Edinburgh and the Channel 5 Studios, where he impersonates Big Brother housemates for the sister show, ‘Bit On The Side’.

    You might also have caught his appearances on The Tracey Ullman Show, Drunk History, and Newzoids.

    Luke Kempner’s ‘Take A Long Hard Luke At Yourself’ runs until August 28 each day at 16.45, at Pleasance Courtyard.