Video: Amazing aerial 360 video of Edinburgh Castle

It appears on the badges of Hibernian Football Club and Edinburgh Rugby, as well as on the masthead of the Edinburgh Evening News.

The video offers a unique view of Edinburgh Castle. Picture: Liam Anderstrem/Airborne Lens

One of the most recognised buildings in the world, Edinburgh Castle sits proudly overlooking Scotland’s capital and is visited by more than a million tourists a year.

Airborne Lens, a photography collective based in Edinburgh, were given exclusive access to film the castle from all angles earlier this month.

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This stunning video, produced in partnership with Visit Scotland, showcases the ancient castle in all its splendour, from an aerial viewpoint.

Airborne Lens were given just 60 minutes before the castle threw open its doors to tourists to complete their filming.

Liam Anderstrem, who led the filming, explained: “There was a lot of pressure to make sure we made the most of the short time frame.

“We had tested the drones the day before, and made sure all systems were working.

“We had also informed Police Scotland of the planned drone operations, and coordinated with Edinburgh Airport’s Air Traffic Control and had been given the green light to use the airspace above the castle.”

To capture the castle at its best, Airborne Lens used a 360-degree 6 x GoPro camera rig and a professional 4K video and high-resolution stills camera.

Footage from the filming will be used in a future music video starring bagpipe rock band the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.