Under the radar: Stars and Sitars

Released on cassette and digital download earlier this month via 7 A Sides Records, Welcome To The Gardens is the debut EP from Stars and Sitars.

Stars and Sitars. Picture: Contributed
Stars and Sitars. Picture: Contributed

The duo, David Walsh (Monowave, Suplex the Kid, The Buttons) and James Barker (Ace City Racers, Juno!), are a psychedelic/shoegaze outfit from Glasgow who are being championed by a growing list of tastemakers. Telling folk horror stories and tales of the supernatural, and using distortion drenched guitars, theremins, e-bows and dreamy, synth-like vocals, they’ve produced a captivating debut. The newly formed label is also promising, a musician-led imprint with a truly DIY ethos, and makes a welcome addition to the Glasgow scene. For free tickets to the official launch party in Glasgow’s Southside at the end of next month email [email protected]

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