Under the Radar: Pandacar

The Glasgow Science Centre is a somewhat unlikely place for a meeting of musical minds, but it was while working there that Eddy MacKenzie and Nick Patrick discovered they shared a love of punk and distaste for current political events.


Drafting in Nathan Langridge on drums, they set about writing and recording, christening their musical vehicle Pandacar and launching the Good Boy Punk Club label to release their own recordings and those of like-minded acts. The trio already have three singles to their name, ranging from the upbeat punk of Sanctimonious to the more bluesy Snake and History’s Repeating, with its vigorous nod to The Clash’s Combat Rock. On Friday their latest track, The Dancing Queen, was released, apparently to coincide with Theresa May’s departure. Next month Pandacar mark their first anniversary together with a gig at the Old Hairdressers in Glasgow on 12 July. https://soundcloud.com/pandacaruk

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