Under the Radar: Magpie Blue

Magpie Blue, aka Millie Hanlon-Cole, hails from the Borders and from an early age she was inspired by the music of Antony and the Johnsons, PJ Harvey, Alt J and Joy Division.

Magpie Blue

Her first live appearance was a shy performance in a Peebles pub when she was 15, and in the four years since she has honed her stagecraft, landing a slot supporting the Proclaimers this weekend.

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Magpie Blue’s debut release, Just In Time, came out on London-based Seahorse Music last Friday and is an intriguing composition which moves from a sparse opening to a slightly Kraut Rock-esque second half boasting a fair amount of atmospheric reverb. Produced by Idlewild’s Rod Jones, it features drummer Michael Reid of Man of Moon and guitarist Louise McCraw of Goodnight Louisa. A video is set to follow imminently, with a new single and more live shows in the pipeline over the next couple of months. www.facebook.com/magpieblueofficial