Under the Radar: GAMING

Glasgow-based producer and musician Alan Bryden has driven several musical vehicles over the years, most notably as the impressively groove-laden Sidewinder. In his latest incarnation, GAMING, he offers a more experimental sound with the album Scenes From A Deserted City.


Self-described as “braindance electronica,” the collection of tracks was a reaction to a growing unease about the future of the urban environment in his adopted city. Using both digital and old-school analogue synths, it lives up to Bryden’s concept of creating a soundtrack for a solitary walk through the city.

Scenes From A Deserted City is released on the pioneering Edinburgh label Hobbes Music and comes with a video (http://bit.ly/UTRGAMING) Bryden plays club shows at Glasgow’s Blue Arrow on 10 January, and Edinburgh’s Bongo Club on 1 February.

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