Theatre review: Two Kittens & A Kid (A Gay Man Raising His Inner Diva)

Every year, the Fringe turns up remarkable individuals who have decided to tell their own stories, such as Toronto-based Christopher Wilson, who, with his partner, become the adoptive parents of a troubled little girl: 'Two gay white suburban dads and their black urban daughter '“ the original modern family'.

Star rating: ***

Venue: theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39)

When the partner leaves, Wilson has to be “Mr Mom” to a girl on the cusp of teenage diva-hood, experimenting with make-up, having boyfriends. Wilson makes comedy out of his own embarrassment, throwing in upbeat Broadway-style songs on subjects such as menstruation.

But then, just when a happy ending seems assured, the problems caused by the neglect in her early life resurface, and his sassy teenager changes into a young woman bent on self-destruction. The music shifts accordingly, and the ending packs a poignant punch.

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