Theatre review: Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother In The Case Of The Study In Blood

This shambolic satire relies almost entirely for its laughs on its star turn from former Fringe First winner, writer-director Matt Boatright-Simon.

Star rating: **

Venue: Spotlites (Venue 278)

He plays Sherlock’s (contemporary version) half-brother from another mother, Tyson Jackson, a jive-talking detective from South Central LA summoned to London to solve the case of Holmes’ sudden disappearance. The rest of the giggles come from the plethora of flubbed lines, missed cues, awkward silences and performances that would shame an amateur production (and this a week into its run, yet). Boatright-Simon is obviously a gifted comic actor but he can’t carry the entire production. It’s so bad it’s almost good – but it’s not that bad.

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Until 20 August. Today 10:55pm.