Theatre review: The Room at the Top of the House

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: 'Has anyone seen my keys?' 'Where's my mascara?' The cacophony of everyday dialogue fills an ever-moving, energetic family household.

ZOO (Venue 124)


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Imaginatively directed by Michael Woodhall and Alice Dale, the talented performers twist and spin around one another in a fluid piece that at times seems to bridge the gap between physical theatre and dance.

At the centre of this is Josh, trapped in both his thoughts and his room. His sister has gone travelling and he’s feeling abandoned, surrounded by her unanswered postcards and photos of the past fun and friendship that they used to share together as a family.

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The emotive movement and bright, light music that sweeps through the show capture the feeling of being isolated in a world that is full of noise. Josh’s direct monologues speak more literally of his feelings in a way that is less interesting, but captures a sense of being trapped and not knowing where to turn.

Thoughtful and fresh, the young company’s well structured show has a subtly delivered but somewhat simple message of mental health awareness – one that is touchingly conveyed, tackling the subject with sensitivity and hope in a way that makes it an uplifting start to the day.

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Until 28 August. Today 11:40am.