Still Game stars reveal plans for their own spin-off stage show for fans of the hit sitcom

Still Game stars have revealed plans to launch their own spin-off stage show in response to demand from fans of the hit Scottish sitcom.

Paul Riley, Jane McCarry and Mark Cox, who played Winston, Isa and Tam in the long-running BBC Scotland series, will be taking "Still Gaun" on tour around Scotland in the autumn.

They will reveal the secrets behind the stage and screen incarnations of Still Game and recount what really went on behind the scenes over 20 years.

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They are also promising appearances from special guests in the two-hour show, which has been confirmed for 23 dates so far, who could include the likes of Gavin Mitchell, who played Boabby the barman at The Clansman pub, Sanjeev Kohli, who played shopkeeper Navid, Shamshad Akhtar, who played his on-screen wife Meena, and Matt Costello, who played the bookmaker Stevie.

It is even hoped the show’s creators and lead actors, Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, will be lured back on stage, despite bowing out from Still Game with a farewell live show at the Hydro in Glasgow in October.

However Still Gaun has not been officially endorsed by Kiernan and Hemphill, or BBC Scotland, and the flyers for the new live show make no mention of Still Game.

The trio have admitted they were blown away at the demand for tickets for the new live show without any pre-publicity.

They are already hoping to take Still Gaun to Ireland, into Europe and further afield in future years if there is enough demand.

Riley said: “We sat down on Hogmanay to have a blether. We just thought it would be a really good night out for folk.

“When the show was on TV, Ford and Greg probably did about 90 per cent of the press interviews. What we want to do with this show is tell our own stories and our versions of events. We can talk about our experiences all day long.

“We did a dry run in my living room and stopped after 50 minutes as we’d hardly scratched the surface.

"We’ll be showing photographs some our own personal albums and stuff that we’ve filmed ourselves. But we’re still looking into what we can use from the show."

McCarry said: “This show is going to be about our experiences of playing the characters, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about the journeys of our lives as friends and the opportunities the show has given us.

“Ford and Greg have already both done events like this with Ross. I’m sure they’ll be absolutely 100 per cent in favour of what we're doing.”

However when asked whether there was any prospect of Isa, Winston and Tam getting their own spin-off show, McCarry admitted: “We’re not allowed to do any of that stuff."

Still Gaun will be previewing at the Beacon Arts Centre in Greenock in June before a nationwide tour in September and October, which will visit the likes of Ayr, Glasgow, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Stranraer, Stirling, Aberdeen, Oban and Dunoon.

Cox said: “It was a big day out for people to come to see us at the Hydro. People came from all over the place to see us so we thought it would be nice to take this show to them. Demand has been non-stop from the fans, even when the show was off the telly."