Scotsman Games: ‘New gaming’ showcase in Edinburgh

LEADING Scottish independent games developer Lucky Frame will stage a unique showcase of games from around the world this weekend, promising to show off “new ways” of playing.

The event takes place at Pilrig Church, Leith. Picture: Julie Bull
The event takes place at Pilrig Church, Leith. Picture: Julie Bull

Lucky Frame, the Edinburgh firm lauded for its innovative game design, is holding the inaugural Taco, Bluegrass & Videogames event this Saturday.

The evening will see array of indie games presented in an array of custom built cabinets, including coffee tables and tents.

Developers who will be showcased include Scotland’s Michael Brough, Niall Moody and Jack King-Spooner and One Life Remains and Titouan Millet from France.

Lucky Frame, meanwhile, will be showing Roflpillar, billed as “possibly the best two-player caterpillar simulator in the world.”

Yann Seznec, director of the BAFTA Scotland award winning firm behind Bad Hotel and Gentlemen!, said the idiosyncratic approach was in keeping with the company’s philosophy.

He told Scotsman Games: “The inspiration for the event is quite simple, really - we love videogames of course, but we also love folk music, good food and good beer. I personally feel that too many games events focus too much on videogames, and I generally feel like people enjoy things more if there is good food and good drink.


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“Bringing in these other elements is also a method of appealing to people beyond the core ‘gamer’ demographic. I want this event to make everyone feel comfortable and have a good time, regardless of whether they are so-called gamers.”

He added: “More generally, it ties very strongly into the Lucky Frame ethos of experimentation and uncompromising artistic creation. I think the best way to create a strong games industry in Scotland is by fostering unusual and groundbreaking work. There is clearly an appetite for this - the event sold out in under 48 hours!

“We are really excited to show the game. We are building a bunch of custom cabinets for them, to present them in as wonderful a way as possible. They are games that are in some ways quite experimental, but by showing them in unusual ways we want to make them seem more accessible and exciting.”

The event, sponsored by Codeplay, takes place at Pilrig Church in Leith from 7pm to 10.30pm. Although an initial allocation of £5 tickets sold out, Lucky Frame will be releasing more in the coming days.

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