The Scotsman Cryptic Crossword, 04/08/14

MONDAY’S cryptic puzzle....


1 Ordinary piece of ground, or another smaller one (6,2,6)

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9 Just for me, sell off old white wine (7)

10 To head off next group of soldiers would be outstanding (7)

11 Just have a good reason to have fun there (10)

12 Get more of the same, in a short time (4)

14 One member took a note to envoy (6)

15 Did complicated game turn into a war of words? (8)

17 Crowd into taxi, with lots failing to finish (8)

19 One person took a long time over a wine-shop (6)

22 Fit to run, and cycle (4)

23 Although season hadn’t started, performed on stage, and co-operated with others (10)

25 Attract teaching union in, to get some spare time (7)

26 Stir up an American soldier in front of the gallery (7)

27 Cleans up comedian’s tent, upsetting him (14)


1 Successfully complete one lap, and get back to basics (4,4,6)

2 Teacher took popular group first, but is nowhere to be seen (7)

3 Boiling over at having old responsibility (10)

4 Wild cat found plenty at old church, initially (6)

5 Was old novelist on track to grow lots of foliage? (8)

6 It must be right to send back a list of duties (4)

7 Looks over empty edifice first; it’s a blot on the landscape (7)

8 Fundamental point has to apply at the start of a conference (7,7)

13 In US car, top man got into arrangement controlled by machines (10)

16 Resounding idea to get a little information, at last (8)

18 Live with some finesse to hoodwink others (7)

20 Competitor in tough event ran through the pain (7)

21 Show self-control to bring things to a standstill, in the main (6)

24 Leaders examine under resourced old currency (4)