My Life in Clothes - Laura Pradelska, actor (Quaithe in Game of Thrones)

What’s the last piece of clothing you bought? A crisp, white blouse from Topshop, a charcoal woven Stella McCartney bag from a secondhand store in North London, and a pair of simple black leggings from All Saints.

Best ever bargain? I found a pair of Vivienne Westwood beige pirate boots in my size on eBay.

Who has great style? Kate Moss, for her ability to mix and match high street with vintage and haute couture. I also love sisters Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg because they have a beautiful Bohemian style. Lastly, the model Sasha Pivovarova 
because of her quirky and timeless look.

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Name your favourite high street shop. All Saints, closely followed by Topshop.

What are you addicted to buying? Leather jackets.

Any fashion disasters you’d care to tell us about? I went through a pseudo goth phase in my teens, I say pseudo because I never got any drastic piercings and I never shaved my head. However, I did only wear black for a while. The phase passed after about three months and my parents were elated.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? My white crocheted dress by The Kooples. I wear it so much that my friends threaten to hide it from me, because I look the same in 
every photo.

Pradelska is currently filming the third series of Game 
of Thrones.