Musicals and opera: A Gentleman's Game

A soaring romance underscored by an equally soaring original score, performed by a chamber orchestra in a space that actually feels big enough for it, this enjoyable new musical is both entertaining and intriguing.

Star rating: ***

Venue: SpaceTriplex (Venue 38)

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Set somewhere in period drama land, it follows Robert, the affluent son of a wealthy tyrant, who’s caught between his new love, a sophisticated lady, Rose, and his past relationship with a dark and mysterious servant, Elizabeth. While much of the story revolves around him agonising between the two, writer Jimi Mitchell’s polished script has some great one-liners. “Roses will die,” Elizabeth tells Robert, “I’ve taken root.” “Yes,” Robert wearily replies, “Like a weed.” “She couldn’t ignite a gas light,” Elizabeth goes on to say, “never mind your soul.”

Victor Cameron’s score builds up to some big numbers, and feels firmly embedded in the traditional end of the musical theatre spectrum – which suits the classical feel of the piece perfectly. The performers do a good job in their recognisable roles, although at times their singing becomes a bit drowned out by the band. But as a warm and easy-to-watch piece, it’s a refreshingly civilised end to a busy day.

Until 20 August. Today 8pm.