Lulu supports PTSD victims with new charity single

Her string of cheery pop hits made her a household name. Now Scottish singer Lulu has spoken out about how post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) sparked by her violent childhood in Dennistoun has inspired her to help others.

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, better known as Lulu. Picture: Andrew Stuart
Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, better known as Lulu. Picture: Andrew Stuart

The 67-year-old is teaming up with the Military Wives Choir for their new single Cry, to support service personnel and their families.

“I have been anxious all my life,” she said.

“I started in the music business very young and I come from a violent childhood in my home. I would never talk about that when I was younger. My duty was to take care of my family, never to tell anything that went on in my home, everything was a secret.

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    “So, to me, if I didn’t take care of everyone, the world would fall apart – as a child, you sort of get these messages.”

    PTSD is commonly associated with veterans and serving soldiers but it can affect anyone who has been involved in or witnessed traumatic events.

    Lulu said: “I was told, your childhood was a battleground. You kind of lived in a warzone as a child. My upbringing set me up in maybe not a good way in some ways, but set me up in other ways in a very resilient way.

    “My parents coped as well as they coped. Bottom line, I feel I can relate to the soldiers and their families and that’s why I’m doing this song. I wanted to help in some small way.”

    Born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, the veteran performer shot into the charts with a cover of Shout in 1964. She will perform Cry with a different Military Wives Choir at every UK tour date in March and April. She will also pay homage to David Bowie by singing the collaboration, The Man Who Sold The World, which peaked at 
No 3 in the charts in 1974.