The LaFontaines to play Edinburgh three days after release of new album

THE good news for fans of Scottish rock band The LaFontaines is that, in their words, they are ‘just around the corner from the release of their new album, Junior’.

The LaFontaines
The LaFontaines

Out on 14 June, with a live performance planned to support the release at The Caves three days later, to whet the appetite, the band have released a brand new single, Alpha, along with a seamless ‘one take’ video recorded at Park Lane Studios, which finds them in full performance mode.

Boasting groove-laden backbeats, a suave rap flow reminiscent of Mike Skinner and a gigantic pop chorus, Alpha displays the band at their very best, melding genres together to deliver a powerful and awe-inspiring punch.

“Alpha comes as result of the losses we’ve had recently in this area from young males, predominately of the Alpha stereotype,” frontman Kerr Okan explains.

“I’ve often struggled with my emotions - anything other than aggression was always seen as a weakness and something that should be locked away.

“Alpha marks the point in my own journey where I realised that there was something real to be gained from embracing the spectrum of emotions - whether you’re male or not.”

From opening for the legendary Mike Shinoda to winning over audiences countrywide during their UK tour supporting Deaf Havana earlier this year, The LaFontaines are showing no signs of slowing down.


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The band’s UK headline, which brings them to the Capital, is now on sale via their website.

Proving to be one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Scotland in recent years, The LaFontaines deliver a unique sound that fuses the guitar swagger of Kasabian, the edgy hip-hop delivery of The Streets and the electronic-pop undertones of Twenty One Pilots to create a style that pushes the boundaries of rock.

The LaFontaines, The Caves, Niddry Street South, Monday 17 June, £17,