JK Rowling sparks online debate on theory of female orgasm

HARRY Potter author JK Rowling has poured scorn on a scientific debate over the 'mystery' of the female orgasm.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling. Picture: Ian Rutherford

volutionary biologists have begun looking into the origins of the female orgasm and the famous writer was unimpressed.

Mihaela Pavlicev and Gunter Wagner’s research was recently published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology, where they wrote: “In males, orgasm is invariably required for ejaculation and transfer of sperm, but in females its function is unclear.”

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Linking to an article in The New York Times which reported on the research being carried out by Pavlicev, from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and Dr Wagner, of Yale University, Rowling hinted that its function was obvious.

“Yes, the prospect of pushing an eight pound object out of your vagina should be more than enough incentive for sex,” the mother-of-three wrote on Twitter.

The New York Times article also quoted a philosopher, Elisabeth A Lloyd, who believes the female orgasm - like nipples for men - serve no evolutionary purpose and are the byproduct of the development of the male orgasm.