Highlands lottery winner still yet to claim million pound prize

A ski patrol has hit the slopes in search of an elusive lottery winner in the Scottish Highlands who has yet to claim their £1 million prize.

The million pound prize has yet to be claimed by a lucky Scottish Highlands winner
The million pound prize has yet to be claimed by a lucky Scottish Highlands winner

Cairngorm Mountain Ski Patrol have spread the word as part of an attempt to find the missing Millionaire Maker winner.

The missing winner only has until Sunday to claim their prize after their code matched with the Euromillions draw on 23 February.

The winning Millionaire Maker code on 23 February for this prize is JLVR 34110.

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    Members of the Cairngorm Mountain Ski Patrol put on their fastest skies as part of a ‘search-and-rescue’ mission to unite the missing millionaire with their winnings.

    Giant slalom gates were used on Wednesday to display the winning code, which can be found at the bottom of the missing winner’s EuroMillions ticket.

    Nancy Mathews, a member of the CairnGorm Mountain Ski Patrol, said she hoped the millionaire would soon join them on the slopes.

    She said: “We were thrilled to support the hunt and help in the search for the mystery ticket-holder, so they can be united with their winnings. It’s a life-changing prize.

    “If you haven’t got your ticket for whatever reason – maybe you’ve misplaced it for the time being or can’t remember where you last saw it – don’t worry. You have until Sunday (25 March) to register a claim in writing with Camelot.

    “Of course, it may be that the ticket holder just hasn’t got round to checking their ticket yet, so my advice to all EuroMillions players in the Highland Council area from John o’Groats to Glencoe would be to search anywhere a missing EuroMillions ticket could be hiding and, once they have it safely in their hands, check it.

    “Hopefully the winner loves the mountains and pays us a visit as a newly found National Lottery millionaire.”

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