Gig review: Lambchop, Oran mor, Glasgow

“WE’RE going to prove tonight that the power of love is stronger than the love of power,” was the tongue-in-cheek mission statement of Nashville’s Lambchop during this show, but no matter how they self-deprecated, there was something heart-stirring and revelatory about their set.

The simple combination of music played with such quiet delicacy it demanded you listen intently and the stirring perfection of frontman Kurt Wagner’s voice verged on the transcendent.

Wagner’s songs – many from the new album Mr M – are beautifully immersive, from the ominous rumble of drums and trembling croon that propelled Never My Love to the light, ringing piano and gentle pealing of a slide guitar during The Man Who Loved Beer. Unassuming as he may have been off to the side of the stage in black suit, white shirt and baseball cap, it’s hard to overemphasise exactly what Wagner’s voice brought to this show, smooth as honey and flickering like a candle.

It seemed, after more than an hour of delicious melancholy, swirling slide and lyrics that seemed to drip from Wagner’s mouth, the band and audience had both enjoyed a special show. Two encores followed, including the soulful Up With People and a version of Give It, which finally saw Wagner up out of his seat. It was a deserved ovation, even if he had to lead it himself.

Rating: *****