Gig review: Errors - Electric Circus, Edinburgh

Coming only a few months after the release of their third album, Have Some Faith in Magic, the new Errors “mini-album” New Relics (all eight tracks of it, despite the description) is so much more than a bunch of offcuts or studio extras created as an aside to the last record.


Electric Circus, Edinburgh

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With original guitarist Greg Paterson having left the group precisely a year ago, after the recording of Have Some Faith in Magic, it’s an indication of things to come for the Glasgow band, now reconfigured as a trio after eight years in existence.

On the evidence of this show they’ve got nothing to worry about. Admittedly it was played in front of a partisan crowd, but it mustn’t have eased the group’s nerves any to be appearing before a full house on a bustling Saturday night.

Something about their manner betrayed a touch of nerves, but also a growing confidence as track after track hit the mark with their audience.

Although frontmen Simon Ward and Stephen Livingstone passed a guitar back and forth, this was a show built on the rising, bass-heavy excitement of classic house music.

The set mixed the old (the bleeping electronica of A Rumour in Africa and Tusk) with the new (the sleek 1980s synths of Engine Homes and White Infinity) and a real treat in the Broadcast-like Relics, with guest vocals from Magic Eye’s Bek Olivia.

“We got there in the end,” we were told in relieved tones at the finale. “I hope you’ve had a good night. I think you have. We have too.”

Right on all counts.