Gig review: Django Django, T in the Park

THEY might have been wearing the same shirts, but there’s nothing uniform about Django Django’s music. Described as art-rock, neo-psychedelia and straight up indie rock, there was something impressive about the way the band effortlessly married contrasting genres in the same song, with new wave.

Django Django - Transmission Stage

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Rating: ****

Perhaps forming at art school has had an effect on the band, with shades of fellow art-rockers Franz Ferdinand and a nod or two to The Young Knives evident in the quartet’s set. Having been touring for the best part of the last two years, Django Django (whose name is nothing to do with guitarist Django Reinhardt) play with a relentless energy, stretching songs out to six or seven minutes long. Tommy Grace’s synths add an extra dimension to the band, going hand-in-hand with inventive use of percussion. Song ‘WOR’ is the standout however, the opening bars heralded by an air-raid siren before the band push their instruments to their limit.

An incendiary live band, don’t bet against Django Django headlining this festival sometime in the not too distant future.