Games review: Borderlands 2, £44.99, PC/PS3/Xbox 360

The best game sequels are the ones that take what went before, fix the broken elements and build considerably on that foundation. Borderlands 2 confidently meets that criteria, delivering a fleshed-out and thoroughly enjoyable adventure across the twisted planet Pandora.

Players can choose one of four Vault Hunters with varying skill sets and attempt to topple the dictatorship of Handsome Jack, president of the ruthless Hyperion corporation. It’s not long before your chosen mercenary becomes involved in a resistance movement created to stop Jack, and with it an increased level of narrative depth that the first game was lacking.

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Strong plot aside, guns are still the star of the show, with millions of randomly generated weapons and grenade modifiers at your disposal. Gunplay feels as slick as ever, with an increased focus on elemental enemy and gun types.

The cast has also expanded, with each NPC you meet in the world actually having a story and reason to exist, giving all of your quests and actions greater meaning. Add to that a greater mix of mission objectives, as well as inventive locations, and you can really see developer Gearbox Software’s attempts at making something bigger out of its franchise.

As if Borderlands 2 wasn’t big enough, there is also a new capless “Badass Rank” system, online co-op and the promise of future DLC to follow. Few games will be able to match its value for money this year.