Game Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Although it doesn’t fit into the storyline of the overall franchise, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 still delivers a solid fighting experience that brings together all of the series’ characters for a session of technical, fluid fighting.

The main hook is of course the tag mechanic, which sees you swapping your two fighters. When a character is off-screen, they recover health slowly, which is vital when a particular fighter is close to being knocked out.

You can perform team combos, team throws and a variety of technical and high-flying attacks that can truly punish your opponent if you put in enough practice. Luckily, newcomers can hone their skills using Fight Lab mode, a neat tutorial which teaches you everything from attack height and movement, right up to crushing special moves.

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The character roster will appeal to all players, regardless of which Tekken games they have played in the past. Fan favourites such as Law and Paul Phoenix sit comfortably beside newcomers Lars, Zafina and Alisa. This truly is a franchise-spanning celebration that provides everything players have come to know and love about the series so far.

There are just so many modes on offer – both on and offline, as well as a wealth of characters, stages and a vast library of music from across the series. If you’re a fan of Tekken new or returning, then this is by far your biggest fix of beat ’em up action this year.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2, £44.99, PS3/Xbox 360 (also launching on Wii U in November)