Game review: Sniper Elite V2

THIS remake of the 2005 stealth shooter Sniper Elite may be based on old values, but it delivers a welcome change of pace that only comes with its ‘behind enemy lines’ atmosphere.

Cutting through the torrent of dizzying, high octane shooters doing the rounds today, there is a laboured pace here that rewards a cautious, planned approach rather than an all-out barrage of hot lead and bravado.

Set during the Second World War, the plot follows a lone sniper sent into Berlin during the downfall of the Nazis, tasked with defeating Hitler’s weapon against the Allies – the V2 rocket. Gameplay is based on sound and precision, demanding that you move cautiously to avoid being detected, and picking your shots carefully. Each round fired – rather annoyingly – alerts almost every enemy in the area to your exact location, but it forces you to avoid relying too heavily on wanton gunplay.

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The sniper rifle mechanics are great, making you consider wind speed, bullet drop and distance in order to hit your target. You can empty your lungs to steady your aim even more, making shots over hundreds of metres possible. Each mission comes littered with challenging choke points full of German troops, requiring cunning to bypass them, but there are plenty of vantage points open to you.

While the visuals may be slightly dull, and the production values less than modern blockbuster games, there is fun here for fans of tactical, challenging shooters.

Sniper Elite V2

£29.99, PC/PS3/Xbox 360