Game review: Motorstorm RC

The latest Motorstorm title from British developer Evolution Studios swaps full-size cars for remote-controlled models, delivering a wealth of content for a modest price.

The racing mechanics recall retro classics Micro Machines and Super Off-Road, as you tear around inventive circuits across many events.

Aside from standard racing, there are time attack sprints, elimination battles and much more. Each of the four available race seasons are themed on all four previous Motorstorm games. From the canyon racing of the PS3 original, to the ravaged cityscapes of Motorstorm: Apocalypse, each track is detailed and fun, throwing in a range of jumps, tight turns and more.

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Multiplayer is ingrained into the single-player mode, as you can constantly see how you stack up against times set by those on your friend list, giving you an incentive to keep on shaving seconds off your best records. It’s this competitive set-up that makes Motorstorm RC incredibly addictive, keeping you coming back for more.

Add this replay value to simplistic controls that are easy to use, and you have a game that is perfect for portable play on the go, letting you dip in and out of short events in bursts. The razor-sharp visuals also underline the PS Vita’s technical clout, and given that this is a cheap downloadable title, the overall quality is surprising, setting a benchmark for PlayStation Store releases. Regular expansion packs add further value to the package.

Motorstorm RC

£4.79, PS Vita