Game review: Asura’s Wrath, PS3/Xbox 360

Asura’s Wrath is an odd game in that most of your time is spent watching lengthy cartoon anime scenes and responding to button prompts that flash up on screen. While this is boring in most games, here it provides perhaps one of the maddest, most-over-the-top experiences you’ll likely play all year.

As fallen demigod Asura you fight enemies bigger than the Earth itself, forces capable of cutting planets in half and more. Between these mind-blowing scenes, you engage in third-person fights that pit Asura against packs of smaller enemies and members of his former demigod clan.

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During these stages, Asura can unleash light and heavy attacks, as well as projectile laser blasts to keep threats at a distance. As you rack up hits and damage foes Asura’s “Burst” gauge will fill up. Once it peaks, you can trigger another movie sequence that concludes the battle. It’s worth ploughing through the game just to see what insane moves Asura will unleash next. Episodes are short, and keep your interest well and truly fixated on the action that plays out before you, and together these result in a game that is nearly eight hours long, with plenty of scope for replay value to beat your previous episode rank.

Asura’s Wrath is a fresh concept and its reliance on movie sequences might result in less emphasis on gameplay itself, but for fans of anime or manga, as well as classic cartoon series such as Dragon Ball Z, this is worth a look.

• Retail price: £39.99