Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 30/12/2011

Friday’s puzzle...


1 Weather man heard to go up at first to fallen tree and sit awkwardly on it (13)

10 Get involved with my free, 75 per cent pure scents (9)

11 Animal formerly consumed uncle (5)

12 Dog turns red when presented with fish soup (7)

13 Sudden burst is crushed during fight (7)

14 Bury last operation of hospital doctor (6)

16 Download it for nothing to release from fighting at end of game (8)

18 Settle Ava in cot for holiday (8)

20 Thanks for domestic animal I got – a sort of rabbit (6)

23 Cavity in outer edge of tooth material (7)

24 Bambi enticed into surrounding (7)

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26 Game played on hard surface – very hard, by the sound of it (5)

27 Central European said to be one who gets up early for determining direction of light (9)

28 Hastily, we moved gnat at traditional Sunday dinner (4,3,3,3)


2 Music that’s slow and ponderous with alternative ending (5)

3 Drivel that mother reckons is beneath her (7)

4 The original beneficiaries see what belongs to them (6)

5 Reveals how one sunbathes in the nude in America? (4,4)

6 Earth contains something big and round (7)

7 Report of wrong-doing police officer fed on when given to stress off beat (9)

8 Video game brought by gatecrashers to crowded party? (5,8)

9 Understand how to produce image on television screen (3,3,7)

15 Procedure in which queen gets muddled up with chit (9)

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17 Great detective rumoured to make a joke? It’s uncontrived (8)

19 Missile’s identity sunk in river (7)

21 Garden across the pond where I went round to produce rice (7)

22 Gambled everything to be included in entertainment (6)

25 Follow first eleven – and last – with girl in tow (5)

Thursday’s solution

Across: Accepted, Alpaca, Liberates, Solve, Amenity, Evicted, Ballroom, Great, Ample, Federate, Sceptic, Madeira, Again, Abdicated, Letter, Declared.

Down: Afloat, Cable, Partial, Entry, Esteemed, Lasting, Allotment, Anecdote, Marshall, Applecart, Entente, Official, Midge, Radical, Inter, Landed