Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 29/06/15

Monday’s puzzle



7 Minister to provide food and drink to fete (5)

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8 Trained, day-to-day, to become qualified (9)

10 Did judge make up his mind to settle? (6)

11 Idealists may have designs to capture Eastern Romania (8)

12 Did Ian have to call off European partnership (8)

13 Was knocked down on an accursed hill (4)

15 Investigate old man left in disgrace (7)

17 Passed through a large piece of land, by all accounts (7)

20 Fancy being in school on graduation day (4)

22 Marine in action turned out to be fantastic (8)

25 Grass with a criminal record has become a changed man (8)

26 Misappropriated a long robe, at the end (6)

27 Was quite happy with capacity followed by East Germany (9)

28 Suspend some players inside ferocious encounter (5)


1 Happen to secure somewhere to end up (4,5)

2 Is about to get a mental image to change (8)

3 Connected with an Irish girl having no time with daughter (7)

4 Pretended to be in favour when one filled in for another (5,3)

5 Miserable little girl’s sick in Paris ... (6)

6 ... while another little girl took a luxury car to get hitched (5)

9 Intend to take part in the game anyway (4)

14 Led driver out East, to be set free (9)

16 Controversy about how to turn leading man into Silver (8)

18 Excused prisoner worn out by the final day (8)

19 Nurtured a child, getting little credit, at short notice, but had priority (7)

21 When working round a tip-top house, was bound to speak the truth (2,4)

23 The majority had very little time on the street (4)

24 Did a criminal fellow have to take the Spanish on? (5)