Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman 26/09/13

Thursday’s puzzle...


1 Made uniform out of the same cloth (12)

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8 Give access, at short notice, to US institute (5)

9 From a book, I’d acted out, then stepped down (9)

11 Complete set of good books in European state, at one time (6)

12 Try to have fellow Roman get the message (4,4)

14 Meet up with, in order to make an impression on an audience (4,6)

15 Fish for a cleaning job in a rich area (4)

18 Find a quiet empty space in a church recess (4)

19 Was careful to convert old claim once (10)

21 Approves of common small repairs (8)

23 For example, about to board ship on the way out (6)

25 Did second city, in the past, attack extra financial duty? (9)

26 After getting a degree, academic received extra power (3-2)

27 On a posh ship, role organised for scholars (12)


1 It is at several points, but only now and then (9)

2 Tear rail up, instead of major though roads (8)

3 Hand out soft wood inside a lumber-yard (4)

4 About to line up in good order, so is making amends (10)

5 Bargains for popular remedies out East (6)

6 Become a member, in spite of some recent errors (5)

7 She can stack up little energy, but it depends on luck (5,7)

10 Preaching an empty doctrine can be rather discouraging (12)

13 Approaches routine small operations with guidelines (10)

16 Cashed in on development of estates in Mexico (9)

17 Leave European fighter behind at some speed (8)

20 After 8 across, Henry could be fatal


22 Last term, chief trailed across the border (5)

24 Was a powerful bass inside epic film? (4)