Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 25/06/15

Thursday’s puzzle


1 Did the public in general defer payment of the poll tax? (9,6)

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9 A new run once organised by a broadcaster (9)

10 Resistance provided the French with a weapon (5)

11 A small troop captured an old warship, or steamer (5)

12 Put things into storage on Sunday, but they shouldn’t be on board (9)

13 At one time, a bailiff got into the square, eventually (5)

15 Dean left out, over time, so was crushed (9)

17 In Germany, coalition was fooling around (9)

19 Is now regretting having run over one with force (5)

21 Girl going round art galleries makes notes (9)

23 In his heyday, principal could teach, second to none (5)

24 Ring round to get top driver, who has to go by bicycle (5)

25 Preserves some native Americans who adopted an old drunk (9)

26 At the end, police staff manage to deal with very serious crimes (7,8)


1 Reached out at right time, having hired a plane (9)

2 He had an appointment to receive authorisation (7)

3 Is it appropriate for pirate to take over with force (5)

4 Old rulers holed up in mountain castles (5)

5 About to lead foray to find a measure of strong drink (4,2,3)

6 Be at this place, later on, perhaps in the next life (9)

7 May have to sacrifice burden, on line (7)

8 Has no time for affairs, so quits (5)

14 For the last time, let one post off a short letter (9)

15 Ardent supporter took the lead at one US state (9)

16 Beats around the bush, and goes off at a tangent (9)

18 Formed a queue, in order, and made a stand (5,2)

20 It’s strange to find an empty void, when not all there (7)

21 Was a second planter, initially, in charge of lavender? (5)

22 Having started to save, he left for top bank (5)

23 Stick to the good old days, at the end (5)