Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 25/05/15

Monday’s puzzle



1 Leaving to take care of a profitable company (5,7)

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9 Place suitable for a passenger who is making progress (2,5)

10 Confusion over first tranche of Russian currency (7)

11 Cut off 150 with one penny (4)

12 Throw out a trainee, as a matter of fact (5)

13 He went away to dress up as a fool (4)

16 New stances taken up at the beginning (76)

17 Did runner come back in from having time on his hands? (7)

18 Wear and tear of one working on 6 down (7)

21 Cheat two Poles about to get reprimand (7)

23 Detailed critique of opposition to US (4)

24 Confound surprise poll, on the campaign trail (5)

25 Fall behind, in return to a festive occasion (4)

28 With old equipment, am I being creative, on paper? (7)

29 Head off to embrace a cause with second partners (7)

30 Carry on having a ball. That’s spot on (4,4,4)


2 Gets the better of wrong kind of jokers (7)

3 Did an old boat-builder start new operation after holidays? (4)

4 Study discrimination in order to get in touch (7)

5 May have a great deal, but still not a majority (3,4)

6 Love to play a part in the Rosetta space mission (4)

7 Showed some interest, but had little real appetite (7)

8 Let a mission develop, over time, to win citations (12)

9 Starting a new competition with a real chance of success (2,10)

14 Is about to qualify for a complete overhaul (5)

15 See the last word in banquet decoration (5)

19 Former pupil likes to create a stone pillar (7)

20 It’s not hard, in good order, to get it for free (7)

21 Happens to follow on, and regains consciousness (5,2)

22 The majority come back, having managed to raise a cross-beam (7)

26 Run a long time with passion ... (4)

27 ... and is quite passionate about society having a large army (4)