Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/04/14

Thursday’s puzzle...



1 Would Hollywood dramatists clarify legal documents, with little hesitation? (6-7)

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10 A very low score, of course, might prove a real burden to bear (9)

24/04/14 solution

11 Have enough beer to swamp a politician (5)

12 Confront one having to look at book before everyone else (7)

13 Although substantial, material is illegitimate (7)

14 It’s 13 across to have dined at a hostelry (6)

16 Brushes up on old skills, when about to put painting back into society (8)

18 Got a line hooked up to a diplomatic mission (8)

20 Hang about at a German intersection (6)

23 Failure of group support (7)

24 Showing 28 across, a reservoir worker was uncompromising (like 21 down) (7)

26 In my opinion, I’m mature (5)

27 East German contest is included in blacklist (9)

28 Trained me to get in, to work out solution (13)


2 Might Vince think a Conservative competent? (5)

3 Take a quotation from an old leaflet (7)

4 Cooked up one old type of flat pasta (6)

5 If about to be transferred, boy took offence (8)

6 Suspicion one of the soldiers might be a double agent (7)

7 Describing the circular rampart around European harbour (9)

8 Stock one branch, endlessly, by those who are money-oriented (13)

9 Able to sell better, with the French output of fine literature (6-7)

15 A dark horse might have a bad trip (9)

17 Would an avid reader reserve a place for woman, or man? (8)

19 Peter had to use A to Z to find a piece of circus equipment (7)

21 Did the first man head off to harangue an old pop star (like 24 across)? (4,3)

22 Couple started to fix an automatic weapon (6)

25 A French friend had to leave to meet a Spanish one (5)