Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 24/03/14

Monday’s puzzle...



8 It’s quite unusual to run to ground, right away (8)

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9 Have a clue how to come upon something by chance (6)

10 Was a cavalryman part of the battle plan? Certainly (6)

11 Dies out after the final leg, so composed a requiem (8)

12 Teacher had little time to move about (4)

13 Draws up designs for obscene publications (10)

15 Soldiers lack confidence in their final retreat ... (7)

17 ... and it’s agony for them to be in the wrong, legally (7)

20 Firm friend from the sport of kings (10)

22 It’s satisfying to get back in church (4)

24 After 1 down, track some foot-soldiers (8)

26 It’s vital to turn right, even with little information (6)

27 Everyone, say, had last chance to testify (6)

28 Invests in production of new saris (6,2)


1 Toddler who was a popular little fellow had a new toy, initially (6)

2 In working together, got round to musical work (8)

3 For one MP to break up old rabble would be unrealistic (10)

4 American followed the spirit of a devotional prayer (7)

5 Leading Democrat, and Republican, each present a bold front (4)

6 Book one family in one Pacific island (6)

7 Did he tear about in Tennessee to endanger others? (8)

14 Plans of action needed to get round newspaper boss on Sunday (10)

16 Went without fish from catch (8)

18 Staff get on right , at the start, with their supervisors (8)

19 Coldplay’s forced to start with old West Indian song (7)

21 Boy with mediocre degree was held responsible (6)

23 Is about to have second last scene performed, to be frank (6)

25 Empty over the side, we’re told (4)