Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 22/08/14

Friday’s puzzle...



1 Dour shambolic feline gets soaked in Scotland (7)

5 Opposed to building house next to where fence may be crossed (7)

Thursday's solution

9 Come before hunt to eat (7)

10 Raving mad about initial experience – it has a sour taste (7)


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11 Terrible fire at Ace, the petrolheads’ choice of this (9)

12 Credit given to single old person (5)

13 Cursed biblical place made thus my monk (5)

15 Lofty trees seen till aspen chopped down (4,5)

16 Expression brightens up at prospect of plastic surgery (9)

18 Do Royal Military School leaders have sleeping quarters? (5)


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21 Whisky Galore island has half lost heart in the present, but… (5)

22 … final performance took place just before that (4,5)

24 We hear young lady consumed savoury pancake (7)

26 Adding up to making a grim sound (7)

27 Dean etc managed to put on show (7)

28 Unexpectedly seem red when rising out of the water (7)


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1 Sketches the casually spoken early inhabitants of Scotland (7)

2 Superior American agent is given too much to eat (7)

3 Is this paper used to wrap processed food? (5)

4 Group, under fire and almost drunk, passed on (3,8,4)

5 Prepare to be kissed, perhaps, and suffer a narrow squeak (4,1,5,5)


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6 Knock out, having first turned out with blazer (3)

7 Blazing row now includes something deep-rooted (7)

8 How van Gogh ended up as apparently a noble lady? (7)

12 Managed school when original pupils came in (5)

14 Like a latte, my swallows that kind (5)

16 Excess fat, I guess, is due to tiredness (7)


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17 Mark to soften letter I called fancy (7)

19 Hardships claimed by you and me in types of gears (7)

20 Animal’s den resulted in being here to stay (7)

23 Suitable spot gets vague commendation one hour in (5)

25 Whisky Galore? No, just enough for a child (3)