Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 20/07/15

Monday’s puzzle



1 Some shortages may upset a large urban area (8)

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5 Was a General Assembly ready to return some gemstones? (6)

9 Was discharged, when about to be installed in office (8)

10 Reproduce a likeness on paper (6)

12 Would crepe fail to be cooked in the hearth? (9)

13 Can do a lot better than two Roman numerals, it’s said (5)

14 Odds on cure being developed, in good order (6)

17 Privateer losing power became short-tempered (5)

20 Was informed about a conflict with Spain (5)

21 Measure amount of material, in consequence (6)

24 Was the time right, sounding a bit hackneyed (5)

25 Encourage man to leave, having taken power to set conditions (9)

28 Strictly speaking, was quite pretty (6)

29 Promising to be supporting one’s team is refreshing (8)

30 A little gremlin got right in to get even (6)

31 Reading about the original ascent (or descent) (8)


1 In the middle of Boston, general created dissension (6)

2 Strive to reach a summit (6)

3 Following Conservative line, a politician may stick together (5)

4 This Greek character could be one of the volunteers (5)

6 Might one end up with guile in regulation? (9)

7 A defector had to go along with company, at the end (8)

8 Sauntered along the street, in short, having turned over (8)

11 Fitting inside Central Park, for example (6)

15 Introduce new title, initially, from a previous case (9)

16 Trade union returned majority, although at the limit (6)

18 Backtrack through some points in making arrests (8)

19 Can’t rise up to box, in case (8)

22 Posed for one about to use irony, sarcasm, etc (6)

23 Watch, we’re told, for heavy object, along with oarsmen (6)

26 Juice for Olympians got from a rich orangery (5)

27 Turn upside down, so has to high tail it (5)