Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 18/12/14

Thursday’s puzzle



1 Have to put up with a short road, as usual (8)

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5 Did air cadet lose it in a shopping mall? (6)

Wednesday's solution

10 Upshot of following geometry and algebra in the US (9)

11 Did one long to cry over the words of a song? (5)

12 Concentrated on getting a crucial downpayment (7)

13 Fortune left to build part of the church (7)

14 Did dragoon pay off bully to bring him round? (8)

17 Endure having to look back through the letters (5)

19 Take one’s arm to steer model before the Queen (5)

21 Uses pens to build up expectation (8)

24 Savour taste of characteristic spirit (7)

25 Hold one’s ground, and triumph in command (7)

27 It’s quite useless to head off when profitable (5)

28 Opt for head to go from top to bottom in the polls (9)

29 Line up an unknown quantity to be stylish (6)

30 Cover up first machine part (8)


1 Dig in with slow starter on the cards (6)

2 Prepared to change for a long time, with little hesitation (5)

3 Tones down studies about ancient boat (7)

4 Cook the Sunday joint in the right oven (5)

6 Dependent about to open link with one worker (7)

7 A scout in Rio could turn out to be horrendous (9)

8 At one time had little room for boy who came first (8)

9 Prepare sets as the plot gets more complicated (8)

15 Chance for a bit actor to appear after play normally ended (5,4)

16 Allocated miscellaneous when having things catalogued (8)

18 Mix things up, if not in favour of institute (8)

20 Rose up for workers to get on top (7)

22 Was brushed aside right away, then forced out (7)

23 Caught on to runner-up who was getting nearer (6)

25 A bit of sound rapport (5)

26 Reconciled with having to make reparation (5)