Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 18/06/15

Thursday’s puzzle



1 Having been told to hurry up, step on the gas (3,1,4,2)

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6 A top player followed 150 at speed (4)

Wednesday's solution
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10 All aboard, and is making progress (2,5)

11 Encourage a friend to take in Northern Ireland (7)

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12 Is reorganised, instead, over time, and became established (8)

13 It may well depend on some thin genetic material (5)

15 Long ago, buries some good French wine (6)

17 It’s wrong to finished up humiliated (8)

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19 Was sent back to watch over a little boy (8)

21 There’s always a small seabird at the back of the boat (6)

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24 Issue a radio, initially, for an echo-sounder (5)

25 Old Puritan was inside, or out (8)

28 Had no time to abuse a new hormone (7)

29 To place small barrel beneath was a mistake (7)

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30 Record small number in front of an empty tube (4)

31 Bank on small department having to stop working (6,4)

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1 Determination to start getting ready in time (4)

2 Greek god got excellent return from the fairy queen (7)

3 Planned to provide setter with a New Testament (5)

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4 Showing off with some conceit, in case (6)

5 Working with half a state department occasionally (2,3,3)

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7 Well-read lecturer had a good income (7)

8 Making things up, in advance, heading on (10)

9 Do some barges carry smaller loads on Sunday? (8)

14 Angers Gls mixed up with old invasion (10)

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16 From first to last, go the whole hog. Absolutely (8)

18 Is about to cut round one, in confidence (8)

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20 Having to care for group with the right approach (7)

22 Aim top dupe organisation, having finished with it (5,2)

23 Did a substitute cut the bottom of an old jacket? (6)

26 Is fit to measure the depth of an inlet (5)

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27 Translator, in short, working in the market-place (4)