Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 18/04/14

Friday’s puzzle...



1 Use keyboard to make a copy, always getting the same part (8)

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5 Tart repulsed detectives in charge of initial action (6)

18/04/14 solution

10 Film director seen before occasion of rescue from river, perhaps, in central China (7)

11 Aims performance improbably at pal’s toy (5,2)

12 No-one phoned primate (5)

13 Too soon to say much about childhood (5,4)

14 TV detective takes a man in a boat to a Western Isle (5,3,6)

17 Obeyed the voice of God and became a priest (4,4,6)

21 Frantically sweep shop of mildly pornographic spectacles (9)

23 President who is old boy of American Missionary Association (5)

24 Prefer not to choose to stab in a vicious way (7)

25 Former punctual leader of establishment contrived to enter (3-4)

26 Made terse interjection that puts one off (6)

27 French delicacy is (in France) centred on what’s brought in by boat (8)


1 Doesn’t stick to diet of Lent (6)

2 Feel head when going round mountain (7)

3 Stick to angle provided by ocean swimmer (9)

4 Everyone’s pleased that southern perimeter is very long (6,3,5)

6 Aromatic plant that’s originally rooted in heavy soil (5)

7 Praised transformation from hopelessness (7)

8 Be most angry at the things we have to bear on the square (8)

9 Passing out, say, before a series of short operations at a run of retail outlets (1,6,2,5)

15 Roamed and wandered among stars (9)

16 Prevent partner from becoming a playwright (8)

18 To change direction about poem means being thrown into confusion (7)

19 Studying in Berkshire town (7)

20 Father to hire another father, perhaps (6)

22 Ringo was a celebrity, right enough (5)