Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 16/09/2013

Today’s puzzle...


1 Might a dance location contain a writer? (9,3)

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8 Artist had to sketch out the scramble to get on (3,4)

9 Strip need to make container round inside (7)

11 Girl had little time for an old sailor (4)

12 Mission to take possession of residency, under foreign rule (10)

14 Cut in half a wide placard on purpose (6)

15 Being bent over, unfortunately, is not allowed in Bonn (8)

17 Reckon union had a long time to take note (8)

19 Persuade top sprinter to leave instantly (6)

22 Invest in cine production to provide inducements (10)

23 Have an obligation to have one vehicle for hire (4)

25 Looking askance at shelter in front of company ... (7)

26 ... and looks round empty residence, offensive to see (7)

27 Clears up one bit of the festivities (12)


1 Argues about brown ales with tee-totaller, in short (7)

2 Did a stable boy get round impediment? (4)

3 Prime position to get to spread the Word (6)

4 Embraced daughter after a new tip-off about first date (8)

5 Hated to rear first-born, about to be worn out (10)

6 For example, to return first suggests he’s self-centred (7)

7 Read about Left, in spite of being like Obama (12)

10 Are the unorganised workers bound to be single? (3-9)

13 A head girl getting £1,000 is expected, initially, to make the most of it (10)

16 Local correspondent may tie things up with little hesitation (8)

18 Close friend carried revolutionary large knife (7)

20 Follows dogs into exhibitions with a day to go in (7)

21 Hate to find heartless dame on trial (6)

24 Starting from very early times, order a ban (4)