Cryptic Crossword - The Scotsman - 14/03/14

Friday’s puzzle

Cryptic crossword


8. One who puts a spanner in the works by contriving ruse with boat (8)

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9. Begin to shift slum dwelling with this tool (6)

10. Air duct not empty, running easily (6)

11. Go fishing for shell to click (8)

12. Start to move gently without taking a step (4)

13. Wasp I distracted with pith of houseplant (10)

15. Respect I am deep in fit of abstraction (7)

17. Me, dial M for Murder? What a catch-22! (7)

20. It’s characteristic of an elephant to yearn for my consumption of more pie (4,6)

22. Cheese that’s provided a meal when accepted (4)

24. Ring the changes on doorbell to admit to house of ill repute (8)

26. Fool returned to poetry in Russian port (6)

27. Medics on the Channel Islands treat these animals (6)

28. Reserved English Queen related to Native American people (8)


1. Gamble on everyone being included in dance (6)

2. Arrive in line and be fulfilled (4,4)

3. Concentrate on what small coin will fetch without original earnings (10)

4. Muscles used to taste mushrooms, we hear (7)

5. River that’s leading a double life? (4)

6. Fed up with slipping morals to the back teeth (6)

7. Marge let backlash go ahead with cable (8)

14. See cleaner sleep before number of regular exercises (5,5)

16. One comic that, when re-written, is worth investing in (8)

18. I am said to be honest at line of sight (3,5)

19. Bound for North African kingdom? (7)

21. Flit around to take possession of handy device (6)

23. Agreement in the manner delivered (6)

25. Cite in order of inclination (4)