Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 09/07/12

Monday’s puzzle...


1 Went off in a new SE direction, regardless (13)

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10 Warning to coalition in pole position (9)

11 Blame one out on a wing (3,2)

12 Balancing act, at the end of the day (7)

13 Little girl eager to get some cotton cloth (7)

14 Pleased to find a top mechanic being employed (6)

16 Have to see about new rite to make one immortal (8)

18 Sailor having to take command, lost little time to step down (8)

20 Stick with a degree, at present (6)

23 Supply produce, we gather (7)

24 Determined girl took on fellow, at last (7)

26 Give little weight to a harmful gas (5)

27 Mastery over language, caught out, as a matter of course (9)

28 In the US, he’s with it, showing skill in government (13)


2 Tend to run over to empty stall (5)

3 Did the away team get out of position in attack? (7)

4 Get rid of marshy area in a small stretch of water (6)

5 Set off for college in time (8)

6 If about to waste away, right for one to show regret (7)

7 Ranting about two additives in fruit (9)

8 Was following a general tendency, to a certain extent (5,1,7)

9 Ordinary pedestrian slow on average (13)

15 Primer needed to get behind cover (9)

17 Some countries have to turn half-written laws (8)

19 Mild temperature, the opposite of 1 across (7)

21 Did one have right ideas about written records? (7)

22 Look for a man with a hat (6)

25 Some justification for including one book in a long one (5)