Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 06/07/15

Monday’s puzzle



8 It’s wrong to fetch first take-away (5,3)

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9 One good, sound period of darkness needed to catch fire (6)

13 Offers to pass on small donations as scholarships (6)

11 Cleared up with piano being put back (8)

12 In fact people are always paid less on the dole (4)

13 It’s unusual to get the first consultant (10)

15 Showed off in game with England boundaries (7)

17 Gets up over the first reef, but still runs aground (7)

20 Pile into combat when forced to be in harmony (10)

22 For a second time, record advance (4)

24 Goose had local name put before a class, at the end (8)

26 Skate around right object; it’s something else (6)

27 Is everyone ready to begin the process? (3,3)

28 Find the courage and strength to show resilience (8)


1 Ended up relegated, except for left-winger (6)

2 Splendour of celebrated Eastern city in the past (8)

3 Fixed cost having tennis in play (10)

4 Was dismayed to be left out from the beginning (7)

5 Left one politician out of shape (4)

6 Require to open door to institute, on occasion (6)

7 Took over some final courses, as underlined (8)

14 Throwing new energy out, for example, is not correct (2,3 5)

16 Odds-on, having to check out a black line (8)

18 Had to remove difficult general, in essence (8)

19 Takes exception to things that matter to society (7)

21 A play on words is hard to throw the book at (6)

23 Social standing for some is best at European level (6)

25 It’s quaintly pleasing to have an accent, but without airs, initially (4)