Cryptic crossword - The Scotsman 02/01/15

Friday’s puzzle



1 An animal reportedly was presented with position. It’s totally untrue! (1,4-5,3)

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10 Signal that’s seen as not heavy at all (4,5)

Thursday's solution

11 Game to play with pet and kids (5)

12 Sculpture that 3 change at the end (7)

13 More cold or less cold than frozen food compartment (7)

14 Quite a few are less sensitive (6)

16 Can’t seem to open window (8)

18 International body listened in on phones when not exploited (8)

20 Searingly criticise when she embraced jazz musician (6)

23 Got rise, suffering from lumps in the throat (7)

24 Consequences of quarrel (7)

26 Is she not quite the usual thing? (5)

27 Segregating goals in it is out of order (9)

28 Century scored by a German in wartime with Reds ready to collapse (1,7,5)


2 She may act as railway apprentice (5)

3 Spell to go over in memory, including last time (7)

4 Bundle of sticks that school servant collected (6)

5 Dolphin, for example, to enact ace camouflage (8)

6 Say no to selling special Christmas product? (7)

7 Brains will tell, etc, in composition (9)

8 Eating too much, perhaps, when finished with allegedly boring fellow (13)

9 He has set great pattern to be not alone in the limelight (5,3,5)

15 Tramp covers return to compass point in Scotland of female chief (9)

17 Agreements to row are rising more easily probably (8)

19 Be relevant to cheeky individual at home (7)

21 Composite picture created at uni with minor alteration (7)

22 Have enough to be able to restaff ordinary entry (6)

25 Start off sock maker with tree (5)