Country music fan jailed for '˜blasting' Dolly Parton songs

A COUNTRY and western fan who deafened his neighbours by blasting out tunes by Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash has been jailed.

The hard-of-hearing man disturbed neighbours by playing songs by Dolly Parton loudly. Picture: Getty Images

Michael O’Rourke - once described as the oldest raver in his town - played classic country hits at such a high volume they could be heard down his street.

He appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court on Monday and admitted playing his stereo so loudly it woke up his neighbour at 1.30am.

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The 56 year old breached his antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) - which bans him from playing loud music - while trying to prove to the court that he could behave himself.

He was sentenced to four months in prison, backdated to January 8.

As well as the breach of his Asbo, O’Rourke was also charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

He will appear in court again in three months time as a further seven charges against him have had sentencing deferred for good behaviour.

Anne Allan, local councillor for Peterhead North and Rattray, said she hoped O’Rourke had “learned his lesson”.

She said: “Hopefully he will have learned his lesson. If he wants to listen to music loudly he should put in headphones -- that’s the solution. Either that or buy a house in the country.

“I think the neighbours will enjoy the peace and quiet for a couple of months.

“People should moderate their lifestyle to ensure they don’t cause a problem to themselves or their neighbours so people can live together harmoniously.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of Asbos in Peterhead -- he’s the only one I’ve heard about recently.

“I think this is a one-off. We’ve got quite a good community up here.”

O’Rourke, who is partially deaf, has a history of spats with neighbours over his music and was handed a three-year Asbo in 2009.

He was once thrown out of a bingo hall for calling “house” too loudly and he was described previously by a sheriff as the “oldest raver in town”.

Two years ago his stereo was seized by a sheriff in an effort to stop him playing his vast collection of vinyl.

But neighbours said that he simply switched to a CD player and kept blasting out the country classics at deafening volume.

A previous next-door neighbour said he had been “glad to see the back of him” after O’Rourke moved.

The 55-year-old added: “I used to hear him quite a lot.

“Most weekends you would hear the stereo going. Always Country and Western music. I wasn’t sorry to see him go. He wasn’t the best of neighbours.”