Comedy review: Nick Revell vs Lily, Evil Cat Queen of Earth Planet and The Laughing Fridge

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Treat yourself to an hour off and let a strange man tell you a story.

The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4 (Venue 12)


This is a sort of Jackanory for grown-ups and it is great fun. Nick Revell’s stories are a fantastic device to do some satire, some politics, some observational humour and a load of silliness.

In the hands of a lesser talent thiswould be a mishmash of comedy styles and subjects. Revell puts them together and weaves a story around them. So he gets gentle satire about the middle classes and a crisis over new season broad beans, racism, the Kardashians, how aesthetics affect moral judgment and bad beer all locked into a tale of how a cat called Lily nearly took over the world.

Just roll with the craziness past smart houses and holistic vets, reconditioned UXB drones with PTSD and quite a lot of rat-related nastiness. Nick pretty much has the ‘surreal fiction for adults’ genre to himself and he is its master. I left thinking I wish they would put it on telly.

Until 27 August. Today 3:35pm.