Comedy review: Cheekykita, Somewhere in the Ether

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Fancy a proper, full on crazy, no idea why but I will wave my glowstick in time to Abba anyway because this all seems like fun experience?

Laughing Horse @ Counting House (Venue 170)


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Then come and let Cheekykita take you on a weird but wonderful quest you will never forget.

The first thing you might notice is that, if you close your eyes, you would swear Johnny Vegas was in the room. Open them and it looks like someone has emptied a skip of weird props into a room and Cheekykita is making a story out of them. I say story, I mean she does strange and occasionally pointless things with them for a bit and then throws them away. Floating trolls and oven gloves, cuddly toys and a magnifying glass lead to animal impressions, a lizard ballet and some unexpected fisting. She would probably skip that if there were kids in. Along the way we meet Trollem, have a singsong and an animal disco.

It is incomprehensible from start to finish but great fun and exactly the kind of thing you should be doing at the Fringe. Spoiler alert: it all turns out to be a dream!

Until 27 August. Tomorrow 2:45pm.